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The Gold Coast light rail system will directly service the 20,000 plus predicted student population at Griffith University, along with the thousands of staff, students and visitors who will frequent the new 750-bed Gold Coast University Hospital that is currently under construction at Parklands Drive in Southport.

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The Health and Knowledge Precinct includes Griffith University (Gold Coast campus) and the new 750-bed Gold Coast University Hospital. When the new hospital is opened in 2012, this area will become a thriving precinct that acts as an integrated centre for learning, innovation, knowledge creation and commercial services.

Light rail in the Health and Knowledge Precinct

Stage One of the light rail system begins its journey at the most northerly point of Parklands Drive at the new Gold Coast University Hospital Station. It will travel east along Parklands Drive towards the Griffith University Station, near Engineering Drive. From there it will cross Smith Street on an overhead viaduct before heading towards the Southport CBD precinct.

Construction of the station shell for the Gold Coast University Hospital Station, located in Parklands Drive near Olsen Avenue, started in July 2010 and took 12 months to complete.

The Government funded Early Works construction of the station shell created around 200 direct and indirect jobs with 86% of labour sourced locally.

Construction works

GoldLinQ will start construction in the Health and Knowledge Precinct in 2012. This work will involve fitting out the station shell, relocating the traffic on parklands drive and building the track and Griffith University station.

More information on construction timing and activities will be provided as it comes available.

Connection times

Travel time 11mins
Surfers Paradise
Travel time 25mins
Travel time 37mins

Timelapse: Station Shell - 23rd November 2010 - 13th July 2011. (Courtesy of Gold Coast Rapid Transit project)

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More about construction works
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