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The light rail construction process will involve several stages and work fronts. GoldLinQ will use a combination of communication methods - newspaper advertising, letter box drops and door knocking – including this website to ensure impacted residents, businesses and motorists can prepare, park and move within these key Gold Coast precincts during construction.

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    Paving and landscaping along the light rail corridor - Updated 25 November 2013

    Paving and landscaping works have commenced across the Gold Coast light rail corridor as the project moves closer to operations commencing in June 2014.

    These works include levelling underground service pit lids with the footpath, installing new paving and concrete for kerbing and footpaths and planting of signature trees, shade trees and mass ground cover vegetation.


    Landscape design for the light rail corridor has been modelled on Broadwater Parklands and the Surfers Paradise foreshore. The design matches the different environments which the light rail passes through.

    Earth colours have been used in ‘hinterland’ areas such as the Health and Knowledge precinct and some areas of Southport. Beach colours have been used in the ‘coastal’ areas of Southport, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

    Coloured concrete will be used in unpaved areas. These colours have been used to differentiate between pedestrian areas, the road reserve and the light rail corridor.

    Paving and Footpaths

    11,000 square metres of pavers will be used across the corridor in urban areas. Pavers will be Brisbane Grey in colour, matching the existing paving in the centres of Southport, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

    Paving and footpath works will be undertaken in stages.

    Stage 1 - Pit lids are levelled, existing pavers and concrete jack-hammered and removed, then a new base layer is compacted. Stage 2 - The base layer crew moves to the next zone and the base concrete is laid by a second crew. Stage 3 - Once the base concrete is cured, the second crew moves to the next zone and pavers are laid by a third crew.

    This progressive approach maximises each work crew’s output, minimising the duration of works while maintaining access to properties.

    Where possible, footpaths will be reopened following the second stage to accomodate pedestrians prior to final paving commencing.

    GoldLinQ will work closely with stakeholders to minimise construction impacts and prior notice will be given ahead of works commencing.

    Plants and landscaping

    In order to maximise green area across the corridor, GoldLinQ has worked with the City of Gold Coast to move underground services to allow more vegetation to be planted.

    GoldLinQ has also favoured using vegetation instead of retaining walls and worked to save existing trees and plants along the corridor.

    A variety of plant species (some pictured right), selected for their tolerance of Gold Coast climate, will be used for signature trees, shade or canopy trees and ground level mass planting.

    GoldLinQ has avoided turf wherever possible, favouring mass planting in its place.

    Landscape design may vary across the light rail corridor due to line-of-sight requirements, location of underground and overhead services and existing design.

    What to expect during landscaping works

    • Some works will approach business fronts.
    • Temporary construction fencing will be installed for safety.
    • Temporary lane closures may occur.
    • Construction noise, dust and vibration at times.
    • Both day and night works. Every effort will be made to minimise construction impacts and stakeholders will receive prior notice ahead of works commencing.
    • During night works vehicles will use “quacker” (quieter) style reversing alarms to reduce noise.
    • Light towers will be placed to limit glare.
    • Timing of this work is subject to weather and construction conditions.

    For more information including images of plants and indicative pavement colours, please see attached construction notice.

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