GoldLinQ temporarily returns parking to Southport

With temporary car spaces set to return in Southport for this year businesses are welcoming the works.

As the government funded early works for the light rail project reach completion in Southport temporary car parking spaces in Nerang Street will be reinstated in coming weeks. GoldLinQ are finalising their construction schedule and can advise about 140 parking spaces will become available until late 2012.

Nerang Street businessman Dean Fuller has praised the move and is looking forward to light rail travelling past his business.

“Even though there is still parking in Southport it is great to have the on-street parking back in Nerang Street, even temporarily,” the Manager of Allans Music and Billy Hyde Southport said.

GoldLinQ Communications Director Jason Ward said a majority of the parking would be free two-hour parking, with time limits monitored by Gold Coast City Council parking officers.

From mid-February almost 60 free temporary centre parking spaces will be available along Nerang Street, between Davenport and High Streets, Southport.

There will also be metered kerbside parking and loading zones.

“The free parking will be available until about September when we begin to lay the two light rail tracks,” Mr Ward said.

Another 62 free two-hour parking spaces will be reinstated temporarily in the centre of Nerang Street outside the Gold Coast Hospital in March. This parking will be available until the end of this year.

The Gold Coast Rapid Transit sponsored free shuttle bus that runs between Athol Paterson car park and the hospital will stop operating after the last service on Saturday 10 March.

GoldLinQ will start laying light rail tracks and building the station at the front of the Gold Coast Hospital early next year.

The new Gold Coast University Hospital in Parklands is due for completion at the end of this year.