GoldLinQ injects $21 million into local economy

Construction of Gold Coast light rail has injected $21 million into the local economy in the past six months.

GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said the latest figures showed the project’s value to the local economy and this would continue to climb as work progressed.

“This $21 million is the result of sourcing the majority of goods and services from the local area including earthmoving, concreting, piling and traffic management,” Mr Mumford said.

"We also aim to source services like merchandise, banner mesh, stationery and printing locally, which is an additional injection for Gold Coast businesses.

“Although we need to source certain products like rail from overseas, because it isn’t built in Australia, we are supporting local businesses every chance we can on this project.”

Mr Mumford said GoldLinQ was committed to recruiting at least 70 per cent of subcontractors and more than 80 per cent of labour and plant equipment from the Gold Coast region.

“We are consistently hitting well above our targets for local procurement with the latest figures still above 90 per cent,” he said.

“Even before we start major construction on this project we have an average of 108 workers on site each day and this will grow to more than 400 a day during peak construction.

“The State Government has advised us government-funded early works have created 2600 jobs and injected $66.5 million into the local economy.”

Gold Coast-based Evolution Traffic Control and Traffic Group Australia are now working on the project as part of GoldLinQ’s traffic management plans.

Evolution Traffic Control joins several local subcontractors on the project and Evolution supervisor Bob Chessor said he was ecstatic to be a part of it.

“We came on board as part of the tender process and have started small but as more work starts we will have an average of 30 people on site,” Mr Chessor said.

“This is a high-profile project for Evolution; it’s great to be part of and be seen as a successful traffic control operation.

“We recently had an employee recognised for her safety work on-site by GoldLinQ’s internal reward and recognition program which was fantastic.”

Mr Chessor said Evolution Traffic Control had been on the Gold Coast for six years and keeping local was the best part of being involved with the Gold Coast light rail project.

“I get five to 12 phone calls a day from people looking for work and it is very pleasing to be able to give locals the jobs,” he said.

Stage One of the Gold Coast light rail is a $1 billion project, jointly funded by State and Federal Government and Gold Coast City Council.