GoldLinQ guiding the community during construction

Navigating the light rail construction corridor is a little easier for Kevin Carney and his three-year old guide dog Wesley thanks to GoldLinQ’s construction community team and Vision Australia.

Kevin and Wesley make the walk between their Broadbeach home and Oasis Shopping Centre almost daily.

“I found a footpath I used had been barricaded so, with support from my Vision Australia Orientation and Mobility instructor, Kim Pilic, I chased up who was responsible for the work and Joe (Broadbeach Place Manager) met me on site to see what could be done,” Mr Carney said.

“I now get the Weekly Construction newsletter that tells me about what work is happening and Joe has been brilliant – he listens to what you say and you can talk to him as a person.

“Even though the next two years are going to be a pain with everything changing and track going down I know I can phone Joe any time.”

GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said construction partner McConnell Dowell’s Communication and Stakeholder Engagement team was working with Vision Australia and Mr Carney to modify some of the construction areas in Broadbeach to help guide dog Wesley learn the new route.

“Construction work can have a significant impact on the independence of people who are blind or have low vision, particularly when they can no longer access the shops and services they require on a daily basis,” Vision Australia Orientation and Mobility instructor, Kim Pilic said

“GoldLinQ’s willingness to work with Vision Australia and Mr Carney to find a solution that helps him to maintain his independence and safely cross the busy Gold Coast highway should be commended.

“In addition, their ongoing commitment to keep Kevin informed will enable him to access additional Orientation and Mobility training as needed.”

GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said the Communication and Stakeholder Engagement team of 10, located across the corridor, was responsible for ensuring affected stakeholders knew about construction works and the related impacts in advance.

Mr Mumford said Broadbeach Place Manager Joe Pereira had met with Mr Carney and Ms Pilic prior to changes and after changes to ensure they were comfortable with the new path.

“We are committed to working with stakeholders on the ground during construction and we will work to find individual solutions to people’s needs, like Kevin,” Mr Mumford said.

“Each construction zone has a Place Manager and I encourage people to call our project hotline 1800 967 377 to get in touch with the right person if they have an issue or query.”