GoldLinQ CEO speaks out on scaremongering about light rail system

Gold Coast Light Rail will be fully integrated with the existing road network with no need for boom gates and flashing lights at intersections, says GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford.

Mr Mumford said it was simply scaremongering when light rail protestors spoke of deaths and level crossing dangers.

“It’s disappointing light rail protestors resort to these tactics to try to halt the project, which will be a great asset to the city,” Mr Mumford said.

“When trams cross a same grade intersection with road traffic, the traffic signals control the traffic movement so trams drivers will stop when they face a red light and other vehicles will stop on a red light to let the tram through the intersection.

“What is being referred to by these protestors are heavy rail level crossings when trains are going at higher speeds.

“GoldLinQ trams will run at the same signed road speed as the traffic around it and pedestrians are expected to think about trams as any other vehicle – you wouldn’t run out in front of a moving car so don’t run out in front of a tram.”

Mr Mumford said road users and pedestrians already knew how to use Gold Coast roads.

“Pedestrians will still be able to use the same pedestrian crossings at these intersections. The rules do not change, a pedestrian should still wait for the green man before crossing the road,” he said.

“Trams will have their own designated corridor along the traffic network and will stop at traffic lights.”

GoldLinQ’s operations partner KDR Gold Coast is working to ensure signage will be in place when the trams begin operating on the Gold Coast traffic network.

Mr Mumford said KDR Gold Coast would provide a raft of safety messages including road markings to show the light rail corridor and additional sign posts to remind road users and pedestrians to watch for trams.

Stage One of the Gold Coast light rail is a $1 billion project, jointly funded by State and Federal Government and Gold Coast City Council.