Your journey

Running a punctual service

In addition to well-trained drivers, the signalling system keeps the trams running on time. GoldLinQ will be working with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to identify how we can optimise the traffic light sequence for all road users.

The trams signals will use the same road traffic signal system as the rest of the road users, and as such is fully integrated into the existing road network. Pedestrians will also continue to cross with the same signals as they do now; ensuring safety at signals is maintained.

Initial modelling of the timetable has shown the following journey times will be possible, however this will be fully tested during our testing and commissioning programme.

The end-to-end journey time from Gold Coast University Hospital to Broadbeach South will be around 37 minutes. An indication of journey times are:

  • Gold Coast University Hospital to Southport = 11 minutes
  • Southport to Cavill Avenue = 14 minutes
  • Cavill Avenue to Broadbeach South = 12 minutes
  • Southport to Broadbeach South = 26 minutes
  • Gold Coast University Hospital to Cavill Avenue = 25 minutes

Light rail scheduling

The light rail service will run from 5am to 11:50pm, Monday to Thursday, and 24 hours throughout Friday and Saturday until 11:50pm Sunday night. Please find below the anticipated scheduling:

Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00 - 05:00 No Service Every 30 mins Every 30 mins
05:00 - 7:00 Every 15 mins Every 15 mins Every 15 mins
7:00 - 19:00 Every 7.5 mins Every 10 mins Every 10 mins
19:00 - 24:00 Every 15 min Every 15 mins Every 15 mins

Public transport on the Gold Coast

Public transport really IS the best ride on the coast. Take the worry out of finding a park and enjoy a bit of your time. And if you travel using go card it’s the cheapest and easiest way to get around, saving you at least 30% compared to the cost of a single paper ticket.

For more information visit translink.com.au or call 13 12 30 – your link to public transport timetables, savings, go cards and more.

Public Transport on the Gold Coast

Information provision

Shortly before the light rail service commences, you will be able to find information on the tram services on our website, at our stations, from the customer enquiries line and from the help points on the station. A mobile application will also be developed providing tram service information.

Special events

GoldLinQ will work with event providers and the Gold Coast City Council to provide a service to compliment relevant events. GoldLinQ will need to alter services during certain events such as the Armor All Gold Coast 600, but all changes will be advertised to customers and the community in advance of the change.

29 May 2014 15:59