The Depot

The Gold Coast light rail system will have a purpose built depot for the trams to park in overnight. At the Depot the trams will be maintained and cleaned. There will be enough room for all 14 trams to park, at the same time, as well as 4 tracks under the Depot shed for maintenance staff to work under cover.

The control centre and KDR Gold Coast offices will also be at the Depot. The control centre is where the Controllers work from and it will have a wall of TV screens to watch the light rail route. Regular monitoring of the route will occur for safety, security, performance and operational purposes. The control centre can monitor the signals, the overhead power and pass information to the Driver. The Driver will contact the control centre if they require information or need assistance.

To keep the trams clean and operational, the Depot will be fitted with a wash plant, sanding facilities, cranes and a paint booth. The wash plant will be automatic and this will allow the tram to drive through large spinning brushes and water, similar to an automatic car wash. To keep in line with GoldLinQ’s sustainability and environmental approach, rain water will be collected from the Depot roof and used to wash the trams. The waste water from the wash plant will also be collected and treated appropriately before being returned to any water system.

The Bombardier Flexity 2 trams use sand to gain traction. If the wheels don’t grip because the rail is slippery then the tram will automatically spray a small amount of sand in front of the wheels to help it gain better traction. The tram sand boxes will be filled at the Depot.

Stay tuned for an Artist’s impression of the Depot.

29 May 2014 15:59