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Tram safety video educates road users as G:Link system testing begins

Friday, October 04, 2013

A Gold Coast light rail safety video has been launched to the community as the testing of Gold Coast trams begins on the G:Link system.

The safety video was produced to educate locals and visitors on how to safely interact with the light rail system.

GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford said once The G: was testing in the Gold Coast road network, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians needed to stay alert, stay safe and obey the simple rules of Stop, Look and Listen.

“Now that testing has begun, although you cannot catch a tram, you must still be aware of trams in the network running at varying speeds,” Mr Mumford said.

“We have begun with very low speed tests, however from mid- October we will be ramping up testing times and a tram could be running on tracks near you at any time, day or night.”

GoldLinQ operations partner KDR Gold Coast Managing Director Vivienne King said testing the system was a critical part of the project that would culminate in safe passenger services in 2014.

“Our drivers will be testing at different speeds as well as starting and stopping regularly – these activities are critical to test all elements of the system, which makes it more important to be alert around trams,” she said.

RACQ Executive Manager Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said all road users must act safely around trams and pay attention to the warning signs.

“Trams can travel up to 70km/hr so it’s important that all road users are extra vigilant near tram tracks and avoid distracting devices such as mobile phones,” Mr Spalding said.

“It can be difficult to judge the speed of an approaching tram so don’t take any chances – use the designated crossings and obey the signals at all times.”

Trams will be tested on the G:Link system for the next eight months. It is important to remember:

  • Never run out in front of trams.
  • You won’t always hear the tram coming so make sure you look both ways before crossing the tracks.
  • Stay alert! Don’t be distracted by music, games or phone messages.
  • Step over the rail to avoid slipping, tripping or getting your heel caught in the rail.
  • When driving it’s imperative to always obey the road rules and signs. Trams use the same traffic light signals through intersections as other road traffic.

Click here to watch the G:Link safety video