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New G:link tram safety video educates all road users

Monday, June 30, 2014

A new light rail safety video detailing how to stay safe around Gold Coast trams has been released on the GoldLinQ YouTube Channel.

The short safety video was produced with the valuable assistance of the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads and is designed to educate locals and visitors on how to safely interact with the Gold Coast light rail system.

The blue and yellow G:link trams have been testing in the Gold Coast road network since October 2013 and have become a familiar sight to locals and tourists.

While the light rail system has not resulted in any new road rules there are some existing road rules and signs about trams that the public may not be familiar with. New traffic signals and signs and have been introduced along the 13 km light rail corridor and are highlighted in the video.

A strong message is all road users including pedestrians and cyclists should follow the road rules, obey all signs and signals.

Trams can travel up to 70km/hr so it’s important that motorists, pedestrians and cyclists use common sense remember that tracks are for trams and always obey the road rules and signs. Fines and demerit points will apply if people fail to follow the road rules or obey signs.

To see the tram safety video click here