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Design and Construction

In June 2011, GoldLinQ was awarded the contract to design, build and operate Stage One of the light rail system. In partnership with the State and Federal Government and Gold Coast City Council, we were to deliver a $1.2 billion world-class public transport system for the Gold Coast.

From the initial design phase right through to implementation, GoldLinQ have worked in conjunction with local businesses, schools, community groups and residents to ensure effective delivery of stage one, which was executed in two phases:

  • Government funded early works
  • Operator Franchise Public Private Partnership (GoldLinQ)
  • Government funded early construction works began in 2010 and have been of great advantage to our community. Some of these additional benefits included telecommunications cabling and significant upgrades to pipes for gas and water, improvement of stormwater management in various areas prone to flooding, installation of state-of-the-art traffic signals and more than $46 million spent locally on construction related goods and services.

    When early works were complete, the construction phase began. This included the design and delivery of track works, roadworks, bridges, station structures and buildings and full delivery of the rail systems. In July 2014, the Gold Coast got its first taste of a world-class public transport system and one that we hope will continue to grow and flourish with our ever-expanding city in the future.

Stage One

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