Safety - it's a two way street

GoldLinQ is committed to a zero harm philosophy, meaning we ensure an environment in which we care for and protect our people, passengers and the local community. However safety during construction is a two way street and the community should always exercise caution when travelling near a construction zone. There are a number of actions the public can do to help ensure their safety and that of their families.

Road Safety

You can help to ensure the safety of yourself, your family, motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and workers by:

  • paying attention to road signs near construction projects
  • planning your trip ahead
  • keeping an eye out for road workers
  • staying calm and being patient
  • considering an alternate route
  • expecting the unexpected - traffic conditions are likely to change regularly
  • maintaining a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles on the road
  • ensuring you are in the correct lane and merge as soon as possible to avoid last minute lane changes.

Remember, speed limits and road signs throughout the construction site are enforceable by the law.

Pedestrian Safety

You can help to ensure your safety and that of your family by:

  • always walking on the footpath or designated walkway
  • using designated crossings at all times
  • giving-way to all vehicles if there are no designated crossing, signs or signals, pedestrians
  • paying close attention to all posted signs - this will reduce the possibility of an incident
  • avoiding going near a construction zone whenever possible
  • never entering a construction site - heavy machinery and debris can be hazardous
  • maintaining a safe distance- construction vehicles move quickly and suddenly
  • being prepared for sudden stops and wide turns.

Find out more about construction happening in your area, visit to works updates page or call the project hotline on 1800 967 377*.

*Free call within Australia. Call charges may apply from mobile phones.

22 August 2014 15:56