About light rail

What is a light rail system?

In Australia, light rail systems are currently in operation in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Internationally, over 100 cities world wide feature light rail infrastructure including Paris, London, San Diego, Barcelona and Portland.

A light rail system contains electric vehicles operating in their own corridor mostly separated from traffic, but interacting with other traffic at intersections. Stations are located near intersections for easy pedestrian access from existing footpaths and crossings.

Light rail vehicles are:

  • powered by electricity
  • quiet and have low emissions
  • able to carry 309 or more passengers during peak periods
  • between 30-45 metres in length and about 2.5 metres wide
  • low floor entry and grade level access
  • wide and light, with space for luggage, prams, wheelchairs with multiple exit and entry doors.

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15 April 2013 11:23