Constructing Light Rail

In June 2011 GoldLinQ was awarded the contract to design, build and operate Stage One of the light rail system. In partnership with the State and Federal Government and Gold Coast City Council they will deliver a $1 billion world-class public transport system for the Gold Coast that is scheduled to commence operations in 2014.

McConnell Dowell (MacDow) and Bombardier Transport (BT) Joint Venture are the design, construct and delivery arm of the GoldLinQ consortium. MacDow will design and deliver the track works, roadworks, bridges, station structures and buildings. BT will deliver the rail systems including design and installation, and bring into service the rail systems, rail power and light rail vehicles.

As a new member of the Gold Coast community, GoldLinQ would like to get to know and integrate with local businesses, community groups, schools and residents to find the best ways to work together and deliver a world-class transit system we can all be proud of.

Find out more about the system in operation.

22 August 2014 15:56