Our Safety and Environmental Approach


At GoldLinQ our goal is to sustain a Zero Harm environment. This means an environment in which we care for and protect our people, passengers and the local community.

We will achieve this through:

  • eliminating injuries and illness, by identifying and controlling hazards, reducing exposure to health and safety risks and supporting general health and wellbeing of our people;
  • the safe design, delivery, and operations of a system with a focus on the management of the interface between the light rail vehicles, pedestrians, road vehicles and management of security risks.

Every person involved in the delivery of Stage One of the light rail system has a role in sustaining a Zero Harm environment while working in close cooperation with the Queensland Government and other key stakeholders.

Find out more about GoldLinQ’s safety approach during construction

Find out more about GoldLinQ’s safety approach during operation

Sustainability/Environmental approach

GoldLinQ understands that the creeks, parks and green space along the light rail corridor are highly valued by the local community and offer refuge for a variety of local flora and fauna.
GoldLinQ is committed to delivering the Gold Coast light rail project in a sustainable manner and is implementing a comprehensive environmental management plan to cover design and construction activities associated with the light rail project.

As GoldLinQ moves into the operations and maintenance phase, GoldLinQ will invest in a variety of environmental initiatives aimed at minimising the impact of the system on the environment.

Find out more about GoldLinQ’s sustainability and environmental approach during construction

22 August 2014 16:21